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Chapter 2

 “Three years later, each moment in my car brings me happiness. These moments, now frequent, remind me of how far I’ve come.”  If you’re local to the Vermont area, you’ve probably seen me driving around. If you’re following along from a distance, you’ve probably seen my social media posts. Either way, whether through a post …

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California Here I Come

California, Here We Come

“Some lessons are a privilege to learn, no matter how challenging the course.”  I wrote that sentence down a long time ago to keep as a reminder.  What do I mean? Simply that we would likely choose to avoid the pain and challenges of life if we could, but when we can’t… we have the …

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Updates and Exciting New Beginnings

A Whirl-Wind of Updates

Does anyone else feel like recently the days have been slow-moving, but also speeding by? Like there’s no ‘scheduled events’ and yet the days are packed full? I certainly do. I’ll admit, the StefFindsNewRoads social pages have had fewer posts these days than they once did. Still, when I send a post out there to …

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2019: That’s A Wrap

As the year comes to an end, I can’t help but think about all that has happened. To say the least, it was not what I expected. I have seen myself grow more in this year, and as I do, my relationships and world seem to continue to grow.

Overcoming Fear.

Before, I used to be a very quiet person who tried to avoid any attention on myself… but when you wake up and realize that your injuries, your story, and your face have been all over the news world-wide, that all changes.

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